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Governing Documents

SNA of SC Governing Documents


The vision of the School Nutrition Association of South Carolina, the voice of child nutrition, is that all children in South Carolina have access to healthy meals and nutrition education; therefore, enhancing their physical and mental well-being for a lifetime.

Mission Statement

Members of the School Nutrition Association of South Carolina (SNA of SC) are the primary advocates for quality school nutrition programs in the State. While working towards goals to insure children have access to nutritious meals during the course of the school day, the Association also serves the membership by providing the following services: Training/ education, most current information, professional standards, networking opportunities, scholarships.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is carefully crafted and refined each year to establish meaningful and result driven goals for the betterment of the association and its members. It is designed to cover the important topics of Education, Communication, Finances, Legislation, Memberships, Partnerships and the specific objectives of what, how, who and when for achieving our stated goals.


The SNA of South Carolina bylaws have been crafted to regulate the general operation of the organization, setting out the form, manner or procedure in which the association should be run in order to best benefit the members. Our bylaws are drafted by the board of directors under the authority of association charter, the SNA and the members. Some of the things the bylaws define are how directors are elected, how meetings are conducted, and a description of duties.

Policies and Procedures

Policies are adopted by the Board to define procedures, guidelines and accepted ways of conducting association business. This includes the relationship between SNASC and the SNA, as well as the definition for the functions of Executive Board Members and Committee Members, their responsibilities and the handling of association finances and other assocation business.