46th Annual Legislative Action Conference
sponsored by the School Nutrition Association
March 2-6, 2018--Washington, DC
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45th Annual Legislative Action Conference
sponsored by the School Nutrition Association
April 2-4, 2017


The School Nutrition Association of South Carolina took to the Capitol Hill (Washington, DC) in support of our Child Nutrition Programs.  Our key issues included:

  • Oppose any effort to block grant school meal programs
  • Support schools, US farmers and students in the next Farm Bill by providing 6 cents in USDA Foods for every school breakfast served
  • Provideschools practical flexibility under federal nutrition standards to prepare healthy, appealing meals
  • Simplifyregulations to improve efficiencies and provide $1 million to conduct an independent study of the federal Child Nutrition Programs 

Click here for the entire issue paper and talking points

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Our SC Delegation:  Diane, Leon, Kim, Laura, Joyce, Sharon, Todd, Debi

Our South Carolina Delegation included:

  • Todd A. Bedenbaugh, President of SNASC and Director of Food Services Lexington 05
  • Leon Williams, President-Elect and Director of Food Services Sumter District
  • Sharon Hunt, PP&L Chair and Director of Food Services Anderson 05
  • Valiant Sommers, Single Unit Chair and Procurement Specialist Horry District
  • Kim Johnson, SNS, Past President and Training Supervisor Horry District
  • Diane Gillie, Treasurer and FFVP Coordinator, SCDE, Health & Nutrition Services
  • Joyce Lovett, Executive Director
  • Laura W. Farmer, SNS, Director of Food Services Horry District
  • Debi Filomarino, Director of Food Services Dorchester 02
  • Linda Benyo, Sales Manager, Asian Food Solutions
  • Jeff Flynn, Account Manager, Meals Plus
  • Rhoda Mills, Contract Specialist, Merchants Foodservice
  • Becki Rogers, Regional Sales Director, PCS Revenue Control Systems
  • Megan Teates, Director of K12, Paramount Marketing Group
  • Stephanie Johnson, Advance Pierre Foods
  • Glenda Wafford, Account Manager, MealViewer
  • Erin Bedenbaugh, Student, Lexington High School

We were able to meet with the following representatives and/or their office assistants/aides

  • The Honorable James E. Clyburn
  • The Honorable Jeff Duncan
  • The Honorable Trey Gowdy
  • The Honorable Lindsey Graham
  • The Honorable Tom Rice
  • The Honorable Mark Sandford
  • The Honorable Tim Scott
  • The Honorable Joe Wilson

SNA SC 45th Annual Legislative Action Conference

Here are some photos of your the SNA SC representatives in action!

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_02.png 

Trey Gowdy’s Office:  Jeff, Sharon, Aide: Clayton Tufts, Linda.

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_03.png 

Lindsey Graham’s Office:  Rhoda, Leon, Aide:  Jessica Phillips Tyson, Sharon

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_04.png 

Jeff Duncan’s Office:  Todd, Diane, Representative Duncan, Megan, Erin

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_05.png 

James Clyburn’s Office:  Aide:  Ashli, Laura, Debi, Glenda, Joyce, Stephanie

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_06.png 

Trey Gowdy’s Office:  Jeff, Sharon, Aide: Clayton Tufts, Linda

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_07.png 

Mark Sanford’s Office:  Val, Kim, Representative Sanford, Linda, Becki

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_08.png 

Tom Rice’s Office:  Kim, Aide: Walker, Laura, Val, Rhoda

File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_09.png 

Tim Scott’s Office:  Val, Becki, Debi, Aide:  Emily, Kim, Glenda, Leon

 File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_10.png

Laura, Rhoda, Kim

 File Manager -> 2017_snasc_lac_dc_11.png

Our US Capitol


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