46th Annual Legislative Action Conference
sponsored by the School Nutrition Association
March 2-6, 2018--Washington, DC


The School Nutrition Association of South Carolina took to the Capitol Hill (Washington, DC) in support of our Child Nutrition Programs.  Our key issues included: STOP THE BLOCK GRANT, COMMODITIES FOR THE BREAKFAST PROGRAM, AND SODIUM REQUIREMENTS.

Each district is encouraged to complete the financial calculator to see how the block will effect your program and reimbursement.  After reviewing all of the materials, you are encouraged to contact your representative in Washington let them know the negative impact block grants would have on our child nutrition programs.  Click here for the form to assist with your data.    Click here to find your respective representative in Washington.



Click here for the 2018 Issue Paper as well as other SNA information---https://schoolnutrition.org/legislation-policy/action-center/2018-position-paper/

Click here for the South Carolina Statistics and informational booklet presented to our representatives

Click here for our South Carolina delegation along with representatives and/or their aides

Our South Carolina Delegation included:

  • Leon Williams, President of SNASC and Director of Food Services Sumter District
  • Sharon Hunt, PP&L Chair and Director of Food Services Anderson 05
  • Todd A. Bedenbaugh, Past President of SNASC and Director of Food Services Lexington 05
  • Kim Johnson, SNS, Past President and Training Supervisor Horry District
  • Diane Gillie, Treasurer and FFVP Coordinator, SCDE, Health & Nutrition Services
  • Joyce Lovett, Executive Director
  • Alexis Shook, Supervisors/Directors Chair, SNASCC, and Accountability & Procurement Specialist, Sumter School District
  • Douglas Gause, Field Trainer, Horry School District
  • Jasper Graham, Single Unit Chair, SNASC and Manager, CE Murray High School, Williamsburg School District
  • Cynthia Lewis, Cafeteria Manager, Green Sea Floyds Elementary, Horry School District
  • Wanda McDowell, Southeast Regional Manager, Super Bakery, Inc.
  • Laura Rau, Field Trainer, Horry School District
  • Kevin Ros, K-12 Specialist, Affinity Group Paramount
  • Jennifer Scott, Cafeteria Manager, Carolina Forest High School, Horry School District
  • Jeff Flynn, Account Manager, Meals Plus
  • Angie Kirby, Winston Industries

We were able to meet with the following representatives and/or their office assistants/aides

  • The Honorable Ralph Norman
  • The Honorable James E. Clyburn
  • The Honorable Jeff Duncan
  • The Honorable Trey Gowdy
  • The Honorable Lindsey Graham
  • The Honorable Tom Rice
  • The Honorable Mark Sandford
  • The Honorable Tim Scott
  • The Honorable Joe Wilson



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