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File Manager -> votingpage.jpgOnline voting for our School Nutrition Association of South Carolina Officers will be held in October 2016 at the Conference.  If you desire to offer yourself as a candidate, please send your information to:   



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Listed below are the positions and candidates on the ballot.


Vice President

    Roland Cabading

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Debi Filomarino

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Debi Filomarino has been a part of school food service since 2004, where she began as a part time food service operator. Once she began working with the students of her community she found her passion and has not stopped facilitating positive change. School Nutrition Association has always been a huge part of her professional life, serving for three years as secretary for DD II’s single unit.  With determination, she became a SFA manager; where she facilitated the District’s first Farm to School program working with the first school garden to be GAP certified in South Carolina.  Debi is in her second year as Director of Nutrition and Food Services for Dorchester School District Two. During her short tenure, she has increased student participation by 8% with much more room for grow.

Supervisor/Director Chair

    Shana Catoe

File Manager -> 1_Shana.fw.pngI have served as the Columbia Area Representative for the SNASC Executive Board from 2012-2014. While serving in that position I held the position of Resolutions and By-Laws Chair and Co-Chair.

I also served on the SC School Food Purchasing Alliance Executive Board from 2007-2012 as the Product Testing Chair.

    Alexis Shook

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Hi, my name is Alexis Shook.  I am the Accountability Specialist for Sumter School District.  I have worked in School Food Service for 23 years.  I started out in the dishroom and worked my way up to my current position at the District Office.  I am currently serving on the SNA of SC Board as a Columbia Area Representative.  I would be honored to serve you as your Supervisors/Directors Section Chair.

Below is a list of Supervisor Area Representatives please place your vote in ONE area only;

Supervisor Area Representatives

    Coastal Area

        Cherron Hayes

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Hello my name is Cherron Hayes.

I currently work for the Office of Nutrition for Dorchester School District Two since May 2004. I have worked in the food service industry for over 25 years. I am a current SNA member.

I have a passion for feeding healthy meals to students and adults.


        Sarah Richardson

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Sarah Richardson is a new face to Child Nutrition. After 12 years with the the same restaurant and years of management experience under her belt she broke away from the cooperate world and entered Child Nutrition in 2015. Her professionalism, head for business and absolute love for children make Nutrition Services a perfect fit for her "forever" career.  She is in her second year at Sullivan's Island Elementary school in the Charleston County School District and enjoying every moment,  challenge and opportunity. She enjoys finding new ways to entice the young ones to join her for meals at school by using SNA resources and constantly searching for grants and local partnerships.  Her strong participation increases reflects her dedication and commitment to her new career. She is actively involved in her schools Wellness committee and helped lead the team to several awards in her first year. She enjoys sharing the same career as her husband, Jason Richardson, who is also a food service manger for Charleston County. 

    Columbia Area

        Deidra Yonce


    Pee Dee Area

        Joy McKinney

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Hi, my name is Joy McKinney. I have worked in Horry County Schools for 19 years.  I have worked my way through the system and am currently one of three field trainers for 50 schools. My passion is working with all staff members to ensure our children are being feed quality, nutritious meals with great customer service. I will work hard with the SNA of SC team to represent the Pee Dee Area. Vote for Joy and “Don’t worry be Happy”

      Missy Moody

Missy Moody

 Have been in the Food Service Industry for 21 years and in School Nutrition for 13 years.  Started as a cafeteria sub and have held the following positions operator, asst. manager, manager, Food Service secretary, book keeper and am currently field manager / trainer for Dillon School District Four. I am a certified SC HACCP trainer and Serve Safe instructor. I serve on the Comprehensive Health Education Committee and the Coordinated School Health Advisory Council for Dillon District Four. I have 3 children ages 9, 7, and 5.

Piedmont Area

        Quentin Cavanaugh

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        Connie Cunningham

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My, name is Connie Cunningham, I am a Child Nutrition Assistant for Edgefield County Schools. I have worked in Child Nutrition for the past 4 years. Child Nutrition has become a passion, I enjoy working with a team of professionals who are dedicated to feeding our children good nutritious meals. I would like to serve on the SNA board with the goal of gaining in depth knowledge and skills of other nutrition professionals. It would be an honor to work with others that share the same passion and ideas for leading Child Nutrition. 


 Sand Hills Area

        Rene' Sturgeon

File Manager -> 1_Rene.fw.pngHello!  My name is Rene’ Sturgeon.  I am the Network Administrator for Darlington County School District’s Food Services Office. I have been with the district for almost 20 years, working in several different capacities.  I was born and raised in Darlington and currently reside here with my husband, Pete, and our two daughters, Elizabeth, who is a sophomore at Clemson University, and Madison, who is in the 7th grade.  We have a dog named Cleo and a new addition to our family, Burt, our adorable baby goat.

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