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Pillar 1: Education & Professional Development

•        Present a program on Certification and Credentialing at a state meeting.
Committee responsible: Program/Conference
•        Provide state members with educational resource information targeting the new keys to excellence.  Committee responsible: Nutrition Education/Executive Director
•        Network with new directors by identifying them, marketing membership to them, providing them with opportunity to connect:  Committee responsible: Membership
•        Offer education sessions at state conferences to educate members on the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act regulations and changes related to the new meal pattern.
Committee responsible: Program/Conference

Pillar II: Public Image

•        Promote school nutrition programs and healthy school meals.  Committee responsible:  Public Communication, Nutrition Education

•        Provide members with resources to market their program and provide ideas on ways to educate the community about healthy school meals.  Committee responsible: Social Media, Public Communications & Executive Board
•        Promote our redesigned more dynamic and user friendly website.  Committee responsible: Social Media, Public Communications & Executive Board

Pillar III: Advocacy

•        Keep SNA’s advocacy team informed on state legislation related to school nutrition programs.  Committee responsible: PP&L
•        Submit a reply to any regulations requesting comments, such as competitive foods and or indirect costs. Committee responsible: PP&L & Executive Board
•        Sponsor an event at the state legislature on the importance of school nutrition
Committee responsible: PP&L & Executive Board


Pillar IV: Community

•        Participate in SNA surveys and focus groups to help identify the needs of state affiliates.  Committee responsible: Executive Board
•        Utilize and promote use of SNA’s online state affiliate toolkit. Update and align SNA-SC Strategic Framework, Bylaws and Policy & Procedures Handbook with SNA’s.
Committee responsible: Executive Board.

•        Strengthen relationship with SNA-SC Industry members.  Committee responsible: Executive Board and Industry Committee.

Pillar V: Membership

•        Participate in SNA’s membership drives.  Committee responsible: Membership
•        Promote and increase the number of school districts offering School District Owned Memberships.  Committee responsible: Membership
•        Utilize the membership toolbox provided by SNA at all area meetings, state meetings and annual conference.  Committee responsible: Membership and Executive Board

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