Effective August 1, 2016

President, Todd A. Bedenbaugh

President-Elect, Leon Williams

Vice-President, Walter Campbell

Secretary, Cindy Powell

Single Unit Section Chair, Val Sommers

Coastal Area Representatives, Sarah Bates, SNS & Jason Richardson

Columbia Area Representatives, Alexis Shook & Melissa Pearson

Pee Dee Area Representatives, Missy Moody & Jasper Graham

Piedmont Area Representatives, Sharon Hunt & Vikki Mullinax

Sand Hills Area Representatives, Missy Brown & Denise Garvin

Industry Advisory Representatives, Jonathan Smoak & Bryan Burrus

Immediate Past President and Co-Chair Industry Advisory Committee, Kimberly Johnson, SNS

State Advisor, Ron Jones

Budget/Finance, Walter Campbell, Chair & Diane d. Gillie, Co-Chair

Resolutions and By-Laws, Cindy Jacobs

Membership/Star Club, Leon Williams, Chair

Memership Protege Member, Cherron Hayes

Nominating Committee, Val Sommers

Public Policy and Legislation, Sharon Hunt

Scholarship and Awards, Melissa Jackson, RD, Chair, Stacey Champagne, Co-Chair, Diane Gillie

Education Committee, Cindy Jacobs, Chair, Donna Davis, Co-Chair

Public Communications/Social Media, Wanda Knight, SNS, Chair, Quentin Cavanaugh, Co-Chair

Treasurer, Diane D. Gillie

Executive Director, Joyce C. Lovett

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT ONE OF THE ABOVE PERSONS, PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO: and a response will be sent to you as soon as possible.



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